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Сообщение mfomich » Пт янв 06, 2012 8:18 pm

Посмотрите, пожалуйста, раскрывают ли так более-менее селективно [12]краун-4.

З.Ы. Плюсы лишние в схеме. Марвин наставил(
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Re: Crown

Сообщение Arkadii_Tarasevych » Пт янв 06, 2012 9:08 pm

No answers searchnig exactly these reactions. There are several references on the similar reactions with benzocrown ethers:

1. Novel promising benzoazacrown ethers as a result of ring transformation of benzocrown ethers: synthesis, structure, and complexation with Ca2+ Full Text By Gromov, Sergey P.; Dmitrieva, Svetlana N.; Vedernikov, Artem I.; Kuz'mina, Lyudmila G.; Churakov, Andrey V.; Strelenko, Yuri A.; Howard, Judith A. K.
From European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2003), (16), 3189-3199. | Language: English, Database: CAPLUS
A series of promising benzoazacrown ethers with the nitrogen atom conjugated with the benzene ring, i.e., I (R = Me, H; n = 0, 1, 2), were synthesized using a novel procedure based on stepwise transformation of the macroheterocycle. The structures and spectral properties of I and their complexes with Ca2+ were studied by X-ray diffraction and 1H, 13C, and 15N NMR spectroscopy including the 2D NOESY technique.


2. A novel ring transformation of nitrobenzocrown ethers as a route to nitrobenzoazacrown compounds Full Text By Gromov, Sergei P.; Dmitrieva, Svetlana N.; Churakova, Marina V.
From Synthesis (2003), (4), 593-597. | Language: English, Database: CAPLUS
A method for the synthesis of previously unknown nitro derivs. of benzoazacrown compds. in which nitrogen is conjugated with the benzene ring, based on readily available benzocrown ethers used as synthons, was developed. This approach can serve as a useful tool in the synthesis of diverse benzoazacrown derivs.


3. Synthesis of nitrobenzoazacrown compounds by ring transformations of nitrobenzo crown ethers Full Text By Gromov, S. P.; Dmitrieva, S. N.; Churakova, M. V.; Turchanov, A. Yu.
From Russian Chemical Bulletin (Translation of Izvestiya Akademii Nauk, Seriya Khimicheskaya) (2002), 51(7), 1335-1336. | Language: English, Database: CAPLUS
A stepwise synthetic approach for prepn. of a series of nitrobenzoazacrowns via cyclization of corresponding podands was proposed. The yield of the final compds. was 36-80%.


4. Remarkably selective binding of silver ion by thiolariat ether with a 15-crown-5 ring Full Text By Nabeshima, Tatsuya; Nishijima, Katsunori; Tsukada, Naoko; Furusawa, Hiroyuki; Hosoya, Toshiyuki; Yano, Yumihiko
From Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications (1992), (15), 1092-4. | Language: English, Database: CAPLUS
The thiolariat ether, which is a lariat ether with an oxygen atom in the side arom replaced by a sulfur atom, exhibits a high selectivity to silver ion among alkali and heavy metal ions because of synergistic ligation of the crown ether and the one sulfur outside the ring.

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Re: Crown

Сообщение mfomich » Сб янв 07, 2012 9:16 pm

ну, бензокрауны это не то. да и вообще, абстракты связаны с запросом?


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