Rules in English

как найти книгу или статью? не поделится ли кто-нибудь программой? если у вас такой вопрос - значит, вам сюда!
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Rules in English

Сообщение Гесс » Вс мар 22, 2015 11:52 pm

Dear non-russian speakers,
These are the rules you have to follow when asking for papers.
Requests that fail to follow the rules would be ignored. Official languages at Chemport are Russian and English. Requests in other languages, most probably, would be ignored.
1) Do not post anything in topics marked with +++. These topics are closed. Create your own one. (Button "Новая тема").
2) Title of your topic has to include the title of journal. If you ask for several papers from different journals but from the same publishing company/house, put its name in the title. Otherwise create multiple topics. Please avoid vague titles like “!!!HELP!!!!”, „Need 2 papers“, “Aidez-moi svp”, “bitte-bitte-bitte” and so on.
3) When asking for papers available online, you have to provide:
I. Title
II. Authors
III. Name of journal, volume, issue, page(s)
IV. DOI, which you have to put into tag [doi]...[/doi]
Take a look at the existing topics for further guidance. Also, remember NOT to put in any direct links.
4) If someone reproaches you for having something amiss in your request, there is no need to start an altercation or point out that a request like that would be met someplace else.
Arguing with a moderator won’t take you anywhere, either.
5) Do not ask for 20 papers in a row (neither in 1 nor in 20 topics). Ask for a few, read them, then ask for more.
6) If your request was satisfied, it is considered impolite not to answer. Not that you should check your topic every 5 minutes, but if you are not looking for your paper at least once per day, do you really need it?
7) Once your request was satisfied and you took the paper, you have to edit your first message and change its picture to Изображение (putting +++ in front of title has the same meaning).
8 ) We understand that some journals (especially Russian-language ones published in Soviet Union) may be not quite easy to reach from your library. Nevetherless, your request requires that someone goes to the library by their own (some libraries are pretty far away), orders or searches by their own and makes a copy which is also not always too easy. People are doing this of their own free will and are not paid for it. Hence, please:
i) do not ask for a paper when you are not sure whether you need it or not
ii) do not expect it to come soon
iii) people would offer their help more willingly when they know you are doing something good for this forum in return. For example, the offline subforum contains plenty of requests for old German, Italian or English journals, or modern Indian or Chinese ones. There are good chances that you can lay your hands on these things much easier than this forum's core audience (which is mainly from post-Soviet union countries). So, please – help Chemport and Chemport will help you.


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