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Куплю бензиламин 0.5-1л

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Shark NV752 Review: Answering the Most Popular Questions

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-away TruePet NV752 is a popular product in the upright vacuum market. Many reviewers have recommended and put it in their list of . With its high performance and reliable features, Shark has proven why it deserves a top spot in the vacuum industry.

While you may already know about its features from various Shark NV752 reviews on the internet, we are sure you still have plenty of questions about it that you haven't found the answers to yet.

Don't worry.

The information you're looking for is in this list of the most asked questions about the NV752.

Read more: https://thekinglive.com/need-to-find-the-best-vacuum-cleaner-now-you-can-get-the-one.html


● Lift-away feature

● Fingertip control

● HEPA filter

Swivel steering technology

● LED lights

● Weight: 15.4lbs

● Dimensions: 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 in

● Warranty: 2 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it get rid of allergens?

The answer is yes.

Thanks to the completely sealed filtration system, the NV752 can trap dust and allergens in its dustbin, preventing them from going back into your room again. It also comes with a HEPA filter. Shark has made a bold promise that it can catch 99% of dust and allergens with this filtration system.

This well-designed approach can keep your house free from allergens, protecting your family's health.


Does it have onboard lights for cleaning dark corners?

Yes, it does.

The bright LED lights are an attractive feature. Not every high-end vacuum model has these.

Imagine one afternoon you decide to clean a room that your family rarely uses. If it does not have enough light, the cleaning job will not be easy. The same thing applies to other dark corners in your house.

This is when the LED lights prove their value. You will see clearly what it has picked up and what is left on the floor. The safe havens for dirt will not be safe anymore, so you can have your whole house become clean and hygienic.

Can I wash the filters?

Yes, you can.

The Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-away TruePet brings convenience when it comes to cleaning your own vacuum. It features washable microfiber filters and pads, enabling you to keep them in the best condition. This can also save you a lot of money over time, which can add up quickly if you need to purchase additional filters regularly.

Does it have fingertip control buttons?

Shark places the controls right on the handlebar for easy reach. You do need to stretch down to the main body every time you want to change modes, settings, or just temporarily turn the brush off.

Is it easy to maneuver?


You may think that a vacuum of this size and power will be difficult to steer and maneuver. But the Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet in Shark Rotator Nv752 Powered Lift Away Truepet Upright Vacuum - Shark Rotator True Pet Review will prove you wrong.

While it may be on the heavy side of typical vacuums, you will have an enjoyable time controlling this machine, even in the standard upright mode, or when the canister is still attached.

The vacuum uses its own weight to help you move around your room, cleaning all the surfaces needed. And when you need more portability, simply detach the canister with the lift-away mechanism. Now you can reach areas under your furniture with ease.

Many customers have reported that the swivel steering function is not easy to get familiar with. But even if this is true for you, after a period, you will see that it can help you move the NV752 into the tight spaces easier as intended.

Is the emptying process simple?

This is extremely easy to follow.

Just push a button to open the dirt tank, and you can empty it without touching the collected dirt since they will just fall out of the machine.

I am a pet owner, should I get this model?

The NV752 delivers convincing results when it comes to collecting pet hair.

There are two attachments for enhancing the performance when it comes to pet hair: the pet multi-tool and the TruePet motorized brush. All pet hair on different surfaces will disappear in no time. They work extremely well with bedding, curtains, carpeted stairs, and furniture.

Thanks to the strong suction and the Hard Floor Hero tool, it can clean pet hair effectively on hard floors. And for carpets, just switch it into the carpet mode.

Is it effective for hard floors?

Yes, it is.

Shark equips the NV752 with the Hard Floor Hero attachment, targeting laminate tiles and floors. Your hard floors will become clean without getting scratches or other damage on the surface.

How about carpet performance?

It is quite good, actually.

In fact, you can even change the settings to adapt to different types of carpets. If you have thick carpets, change the setting to high-pile mode, and in contrast, set it to low-pile if your carpets are softer.

This will change not only the suction power but also the speed of the motorized brush. Shark also designed the brush pattern to make the carpets noticeably cleaner and fluffier after cleaning.

We recommend you stick to the upright mode if possible, which can apply more pressure to the carpet, cleaning deep-rooted debris more effectively.

On a side note, many customers have said that due to the powerful suction, it might actually pull the vacuum forward.


How many attachments do I get in the box? Are they actually useful?

Shark packs the NV752 with various extra tools that you can use in different situations: the crevice tool, the pet multi-tool, the TruePet motorized brush, the Hard Floor Hero. Besides these, you will have an accessories bag and a canister caddy.


The Shark NV752 is probably one of the Top rated best vacuum cleaners you can find right now. It can deliver amazing performance on different surfaces, picking up various kinds of debris. Compared to other upright vacuums, it is pretty light.

If you are a pet owner with both carpets and hardwood floors in your house, this is an ideal choice for your investment for cleaning tools.

All the attachments and accessories are not there just for the sake of attachments. Shark puts real effort into making high-quality enhancement parts to make your job easier.

Remember that if your house is multi-level, you may have some problems trying to use this vacuum.

Do you still have any questions? What do you think about this model if you have used this upright cleaner before? Please.

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