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University of greenwich - uk - phd scholarship in organic synthesis (partially funded)

Эта вакансия уже закрыта.

Вакансия не была удалена разместившим ее лицом и поэтому сохранена в архиве портала. Однако мы не рекомендуем Вам обращаться к работодателю, т.к., скорее всего, эта позиция уже неактуальна.

ID вакансии:13315
Город:  London

Уровень компенсации: от 103400 RUR

Описание вакансии: 
The Project:
Electrosynthesis is a powerful tool in organic chemistry that circumvents the use of expensive and toxic reagents for the generation of reactive intermediates. During electrosynthesis, molecules are activated under mild and green conditions directly at the surface of an electrode. Even though a plethora of transformations have been developed and many of them were successfully used in several industrial processes the potential of preparative organic electrochemistry remains largely underestimated. However, the growing impetus to look for greener and cheaper alternatives to classic synthetic methodologies prompted us to investigate further new electrochemical reactions. We have recently developed two novel electrochemical methodologies that allow generating organic and organometallic radicals under mild, green, economical and safe conditions. We have successfully applied those methodologies to the preparation of new types of anticancer drugs. We are now looking for a highly motivated PhD. researcher to join our team and explore further the synthetic potential of these radicals. The candidate: The project would be suitable for anyone with a strong background in synthetic chemistry and interest in the medicinal chemistry and electrochemistry as well as in drug development.

The project will be supervised by Dr Kevin Lam (http://www.lamresearchgroup.com)

Research Environment: The successful candidate will join a highly active research group in newly refurbished synthesis laboratories. The Department is extremely well equipped with analytical equipment (including a glovebox, high-speed potentiostats, 4x Electrasyn 2.0, 4xNMR spectrometers, large mass spectrometry and chromatography suites, etc.)
Training: The student will receive training in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, drug design and in electrochemistry. Transferable skills, such as reporting of results orally and in writing, time management, project planning and management will be developed through university courses, Group meetings and conference attendance/presentations.
Funding Notes
The PhD student will receive a contribution of £4,260/year toward the tuition fees (£9,240 are to be paid by the application, per year). In addition, the selected candidate will receive a bursary (£14,777/year)

Контактная информация: For informal enquiries about the project, please contact Dr Kevin Lam : k.lam ’ at ’ greenwich.ac.uk and quote "VCS-ES-03-18"



Дата размещения: 


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